Siti Enjoys the Ups and Downs of an Honorary Teacher

The journey of Siti Fadhilah as an honorary teacher is full of struggles. For years of teaching, she only receives a small amount of salary and still had to face a tough test when her child passed away.

Siti receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT.
Siti receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LAMONGAN – During her 12 years as an honorary teacher, Siti Fadhilah (39) has passed a lot of struggles including her small salary of IDR 600 thousand per month. With that amount of salary, Siti continues to teach sincerely.

Apart from her small salary, amid her devotion as a teacher, Siti had to face a tough tragedy when her infant passed away. The teacher who lives in Sukodadi, Lamongan was in deep sorrow, but then got herself together again.

“(My baby) got choked when he was being fed milk. We rushed him to the hospital but he passed away. During my maternity leave, I could give full attention to my baby, but then, after my leave was over, I had to teach again at school from morning to noon while my baby was being entrusted to my parents. Maybe, if I was still on maternity leave that day, the story would be different. However, Allah has willed it,” explained Siti about her late son who passed away in 2019, Thursday (6/17/2021). Siti also said, at that time, the period of her maternity leave was two months.

Not wanting to linger in sadness, Siti has got herself back to continue her activities as a teacher. For Siti, being a teacher is her saving for the afterlife where the benefits can only be reaped there.

"This is what I believe and keeps me going as a teacher (read: reward), nothing else. Ups and downs are common in everything we do," said the mother of two.

Siti explains that if she uses human mathematics, what she gained (materially) is not equal to the struggles she faced. However, she believes that Allah always has His own plans that can never be known by humans.

“My sadness, griefs, and struggles as a teacher will be paid off if my students can understand and apply what I have taught to them. Moreover, if one day, they can teach it again to other people. That kind of happiness will be very priceless,” Siti told the Global Zakat-ACT team after received financial assistance on Thursday (6/17/2021).[]