Siti Maemunah Preaches from Her Simple House

In a shabby and weathered house, Siti Maemunah passionately guides village children to learn reciting the Quran. Some parts of the house now have to be demolished because the conditions were worrying.

Siti Maemunah’s house
The ambiance of Siti Maemunah’s house in the afternoon. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PANDEGLANG – Global Zakat-ACT visited the residence of Quran teacher Siti Maemunah in Sukajadi Village, Cimanggu District, Pandeglang Regency, Banten, Sunday (5/30/2021). Global Zakat-ACT conveyed the mandate from benefactors in the form of financial assistance to Muslim preachers in remote areas.

Siti Maemunah is a mother of nine children. Her three children are married and six other children are still living together in a 4 by 7 square meters house. In a house made from woven bamboo, she teaches children how to read the Quran. She has been doing this activity for 20 years.

Maemunah's house is the remains of buildings that have collapsed before. Some parts of Maemunah's house had been torn down because they were almost rickety and nearly collapsed. She had to do this because she was afraid of hurting the children who were reading the Quran.

“Every day after Maghrib prayer, Children come to my house to learn the Quran. The wood (house) was rotten and ragged. I am afraid it would fall and hit the children while they are reading the Quran. My husband and I decided to tear it down for safety," she explained on Sunday (5/30/2021).

Siti Maemunah has dedicated almost all her life to the field of da’wah. In addition to guiding the children to recite the Quran, she also gives Islamic lectures for mothers in her village. Once in a while, she also led religious events together with other mothers.

Alhamdulillah, the mothers of Muslim assembly trust me as the person who leads the recitation. I don't have other activities besides teaching the children and mothers to recite the Quran,” she said.

Siti Maemunah comes from an underprivileged family. Her husband works as a garden laborer whose income is uncertain. His income only relies on payments from people who want to use his labor.

ACT Banten Program Team Sukma Jayalaksana said, Maemunah is a tough woman. She sincerely devoted her life to religious activities in the village. She never asks for payment. Her house is shabby, but she has never once asked for donations from her student’s parents to repair it.

“She is a sincere person who preaches in the way of Allah. She never thought about her life. She does it purely to invite and guide children and adults to learn and understand religion,” he said, Wednesday (6/2/2021).[]