Six Districts Gather 10,000 Tons of Rice for Palestine

Six Districts Gather 10,000 Tons of Rice for Palestine

ACTNews, BLORA – January 2018 has reached its second week, the moment that we are waiting for is almost here. The golden rice field can be seen spreading across East and Central Java. When the paddies turned yellow, tens of thousands of farmers are welcoming the January harvest season as their first harvest season.

It means that the seedlings that are planted since November and December 2017 are ripening and ready for harvest in the first period of 2018. Farmers returned to their fields, preparing their sacks and their harvesting machine. The weather also seems to be on their side as rain and sunshine shower the area consecutively every day.

Quoting the data from Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) regarding the rice production, in January 2018, it is predicted that the rice produce will reach 4.5 million tons. Meanwhile, the rice availability in the market is predicted to reach 2,8 million tons, with consumption rate reaching 2.5 tons.

Six regencies for Kapal Kemanusiaan Palestina

Celebrating January 2018 harvest season, there’s a reason why this season is quite different: the rice harvested in six regencies in East and Central Java is being prepared for a humanitarian mission. This special mission is entitled Kapal Kemanusiaan Palestina (Humanitarian Ship for Palestine).

Ariyanto, an officer of Community-based Food Barn (Lumbung Pangan Masyarakat, or LPM) in Blora District, Cenral Java, said that the commitment have been made in six districts that their produce will be set aside to supply the best quality rice to be shipped to Palestine.

“Insha Allah, the rice for the Humanitarian Ship for Palestine will be supplied from Blora, Bojonegoro, Ngawi, Grobogan, Tuban, until Rembang,” said Ariyanto.

Ariyanto explained that the unhulled rice from the six districts will then be processed into best quality rice. The processing will be done by the hullers in LPM around Blora District.

The LPM project is among the products of the Waqf Village Program administered by Global Wakaf ACT. In these food barns, there are independent hullers and rice storage managed by the villagers, based on waqf assets. Global Wakaf prepares Lembaga Keswadayaan Wakaf Desa (LKWD) to take care of the LPM management.

“The unhulled rice will be brought to the LPM hullers, one of which is in Jipang Village, Cepu Sub-district. The unhulled rice will be processed into premium quality rice, and then it will be packed in rice sacks, to be stored in the storage until it reaches 10,000 tons,” said Ariyanto.

Ariyanto predicted that for this January season, each village will be able to harvest around 700-1,000 tons on average, depending on the size of the rice field in each village.

Leading directly the harvesting process in a rice field in Kedungtuban Sub-district, Blora District, Central Java, ACT President Ahyudin, said that this January harvest is the best moment for this nation to perform a concrete action for Palestine.

Ahyudin convinced the people that this January harvest will produce a surplus of rice.

“It’s about humanitarian journey. We will show that we are a great nation. Not only sending sincere prayers, but this nation need concrete actions for Palestine. Insha Allah, in February 21st 2018, Humanitarian Ship will sail again, bringing 10,000 tons of rice to Palestine,” said ACT President Ahyudin in Humanitarian Ship for Palestine press conference in Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/1).

If we refer to the data from the Ministry of Agriculture, as in January 2018, it is predicted that the harvest will reach 4.5 million tons of rice. The widest area of rice producers are West Java, covering 100,996 hectares of rice field, Central Java, 109,876 hectares, East Java, 75,432 hectares, and 568,065 hectares in the rest of other provinces. The total area of the rice fields is 854,369 hectares.

From Kedungtuban, Blora District, the first 2018 harvest was celebrated happily by the farmers. Like Matqorim, for example, he admitted that he is was very happy to be involved in the humanitarian mission to Palestine.

“This unhulled rice will be delivered to Palestine. Thank you ACT. I hope that all the process will run smoothly safely without any obstacle until it arrives in Palestine. Long live!” said Matqorim in Kedungtuban in the first week of January. []  


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