Solidarity Breaks Boundaries of Fear among Residents of Bekasi

Residents of SBS Housing Complex in North Bekasi delivered assistance to those who are self-isolating. This solidarity was supported by ACT by distributing food packages from the National Food Alms Movement.

Food packages handover.
Food packages handover for self-isolating residents through the resident’s coordinator. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – That Friday (7/2/2021) evening, the azan (call to prayer) was calling from one mosque to another. After that, A woman passionately talked about the urgent condition in her neighborhood. Rostini (52), a resident of RW 8, SBS Housing Complex in Harapan Jaya Village of North Bekasi has been working to coordinate the delivery of aid to people that are self-isolating due to COVID-19.

Rossy, as she is usually called, explained how difficult it was for residents who were undergoing self-isolation to meet their daily food needs. Rossy said, not all residents were able to meet their necessities. Thus, the food aid had greatly eased the burden on residents who are self-isolating.

In addition to coordinating the food aid, Rossy also interacts with the self-isolating residents. From behind the fence of a resident's house, every morning, she greets her neighbors. Wrapped in a mask and keeping a distance, she always asks how her neighbors are doing and offers any help she could give.

"Every morning, someone even asks me, 'Mam, can I not sunbathe in front of the house?' because they are afraid to expose other residents although it (exposed to the Covid-19) is not a disgrace. So, if it's for health, go ahead (sunbathing)," said Rossy.

For Rossy, the sense of humanity among residents can overcome the fear of the virus threat itself. The spirit of kindness goes through all of the boundaries and distances.

"If it's not us, their neighbors, who else will help," added Rossy.

Head of RW 8 Perumahan SBS, Harapan Jaya Village, Asmo Prayogo explains that the conditions in the last two weeks were the worst. From the past year, the current number of positive cases is the highest. Thus, the area is designated as a red zone.

"There are around 15 families (exposed to Covid-19) that have been recorded so far. This is the largest record in our neighborhood, we are also overwhelmed. Therefore, we immediately instruct each head of RTs to directly coordinate their residents to supply logistics or assistance," said Asmo.

This condition is no longer surprising since Bekasi City is recently one of the areas in West Java that have experienced a surge in positive cases of Covid-19. As reported from the page, the total confirmed cases in Bekasi City have reached 56,605 cases as of July 4, 2021, of which 52,105 of them were declared cured, while 737 others died. In addition, 3,763 people are self-isolating in their respective houses.

Food package distribution to a self-isolating resident in Bandung. (ACTnews)

Support from ACT

The surge of the Covid-19 new cases, as well as people who are self-isolating with many limitations, has brought Aksi Cepat Tanggap to provide support through the National Food Alms Movement. Support in the form of food packages was distributed to the resident while obeying the health protocol to prevent the wider expansion of the Covid-19.

“The distributed food packages included Waqf Rice, Waqf Drinking Water, and other grocery needs. It was the efforts of ACT and the Generous Benefactors to save our nation from the pandemic,” said the Branch Manager of ACT Bekasi City, Rizky Renanda Aditya, Saturday (7/3/2021).

With the help from the volunteers of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia, in early July, ACT has distributed food packages to the self-isolating residents in various locations including RW8 Perumahan SBS, Harapan Jaya, North Bekasi, RW13 of Bintara Village, West Bekasi, and RW23 of Kayuringin Village, South Bekasi. The distribution locations will continue to expand as a good movement that is driven by the continuous generosity of the community.[]