Solving Gaza's Water Crisis with Two New Waqf Wells

The 29th and 30th Waqf Wells have been completed in Gaza. This is an effort to solve the water crisis that has long been afflicting the people of Gaza. The Israeli attack in May damaged clean water services and affected three major desalination plants in Gaza.

Gazan children
Illustration. Gazan children are happy to be able to enjoy free clean water from the Waqf Well. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – ACT recently built two waqf wells from Indonesian benefactors in two different locations, namely in the Al Twam area, Jabalia, North Gaza, and in the Al Nusairat area, Central area. The two wells are the 29th and 30th wells built for Palestinians in Gaza.

The wells were Built using 12-inch pipes with a minimum depth of 50 meters and capable of supplying up to 10 thousand liters of water per hour. The Gazans don't have to worry about the cleanliness of the water from this well because the water will be supplied to the water tank and will pass through a filtering system so that the water will be clean and suitable for consumption.

“The issue of clean water is a concern for Gaza residents. Even if they can build their wells, what comes out is still groundwater with a fairly high acidity level. A water filter is needed so that the polluted water can turn into clear water," explained Firdaus Guritno from Global Humanity Response (GHR) team, Friday (7/16/2021).

Firdaus explained that ACT built many wells next to mosques in Gaza. The goal is to facilitate the need for water for worship. Water taps are also built for ablution.

"Insha Allah, the reward that donors get is sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity) because the wells they have donated continue to be used by Muslims in Gaza for worship. Therefore, the reward will continue to flow even after the donor has died,” said Firdaus.

After the Israeli attack on Gaza last May, there were 400 thousand residents, or one-fifth of the total population of Gaza, who lost access to clean water supplies. Missiles from Israeli warplanes destroyed electricity and water services and affected three major desalination plants in Gaza City. The plants served to remove excess salt contained in the water. Meanwhile, the breakdown of electricity services has made it difficult to pump the water to the houses in Gaza. []

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