Solving Water Scarcity Problem at An-Nida' Islamic Boarding School

Students at An-Nida Islamic Boarding School experienced water scarcity especially in the dry season because many water sources dry up. To help them, Global Wakaf - ACT built a pipeline that leads to an abundant water source. The students and teachers no longer have to worry about the availability of water.

Toilets and pipeline for An-Nida’ Islamic boarding school is inaugurated in November 2021. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WONOSOBO REGENCY – For nine years, An-Nida’ Islamic boarding school in Krasak Village, Selomerto District, Wonosobo Regency, has been running to teach both Islamic and non-religious sciences. Currently, it has 520 students and 40 teaching staff.

Located in the mountains, the school had inadequate access to clean water, hampering the learning and teaching activities. “There are water sources in the village, but some of them are currently dry. The water from a functioning water source is carried to the school’s kitchen through a pipeline. For showering, washing, and toilet, the students use water from a nearby river,” said Hamas Rausyanfikr from Global Wakaf – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Central Java, Friday (12/3/2021).

Consequently, during the dry season when the amount of water decreases, the students’ activities are hampered.

The river from which students often take water. (ACTNews)

To facilitate the school, Global Wakaf – ACT Central Java built a pipeline that carries the water from the source which is located 1.6 kilometers away from the school.

"The water source is in Binangun Hamlet in Gunung Tawang Village. The water is abundant there. They need not worry if the water will decrease during the dry season,” Hamas added.

The construction of the pipeline and toilets for the students was finished in November 2021. During the inauguration ceremony, K.H. Rahmad Salim, the principal of An-Nida’ Islamic boarding school appreciated Global Wakaf – ACT and the waqf donors who have worked together to provide access to clean water.

“Before the pipeline was built, the students were short of water because there are many of them. Currently, Alhamdulillah, the construction has finished. We hope that Global Wakaf - ACT will further develop to further provide extensive benefits for the community,” he said. []