Spreading Islam in Remote Indragiri Hulu

For many years, Usman Harahap, a preacher, served in the remote areas of Indragiri Hulu. He spreads Islamic values ​​to residents, not only to adults but to children who will become the nation's successors.

Ustaz Usman
Ustaz Usman (left) teaches the Quran for children in Indragiri Hulu. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, INDRAGIRI HULU – At the age of 49, Ustaz Usman Harahap plays a role as a preacher in the Peranap District, Indragiri Hulu, Riau. He carries out this task with sincerity. For him, da'wah is a struggle, not only upholding Islamic values ​​in adults, but also for children who will become the nation's successors.

“I have my target. I want to prepare these children to become religious leaders here and wherever they are in the future. Hence, the Islamic religion can develop rapidly in the Inhu (Indragiri Hulu) area,” said Usman when met at Al Ishlah Tahfiz Islamic Boarding School, Wednesday (6/2/2021). 

Al Ishlah Tahfiz Islamic Boarding School was pioneered by Ustaz Usman seven years ago in Pauh Ranap Village, Peranap District. Ustaz Usman has a dozen years of experience in teaching. There (Al Ishlah Tahfiz Islamic Boarding School ), Ustaz Usman faced children with various family backgrounds, including those who came from underprivileged economies.

Ustaz Usman did not discriminate between one child and another. For him, the presence of this tahfiz boarding school is a place to educate children as early as possible so that they have a much better future and faith.

“Seeing the children learn and have a bright future is a special spirit for us here," he said, who teaches with his wife and one child.

Ustaz Usman is a few of the many preachers in remote areas of Riau who dedicated himself to the children in the country. He no longer prioritizes material things in society.

The Friend of Indonesian Muslim Preacher-ACT appreciated Usman’s role. Sincerity and happiness are the keys to carrying out this trust. Aksi Cepat Tanggap provided assistance for him.

“Since the end of May, ACT has continued to expand assistance for da'wah actors in various parts of the country, especially those in remote areas. This is also a tangible manifestation of us all working with them, the preachers who are at the forefront of guarding the morals of the younger generation,” explained Benny Andrizal from the ACT Riau Program team.[]