Sri Wahyuningsih Grateful for Her Family to Get Food From Food Careline Services

Food Careline Services helped Sri Wahyuningsih's family in difficult times. For several days, Sri's family did not have proper food to cook.

Sri Wahyuningsih
Sri Wahyuningsih receives ready-to-eat meals delivered by Humanity Bikers. (ACTNews/Muhamad Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, EAST JAKARTA – Previously, exhibition events were a source of income for Sri Wahyuningsih's family. When there was an exhibition, Sri had the opportunity to get income from the catering business. However, the Covid-19 pandemic closed this opportunity.

Sri says that currently, her family only depends on the work of her husband who earns a living by being a motorcycle taxi driver or a construction worker. When he got paid, Sri immediately spent it on food. "My husband does not get a job every day. When I have money, I go shopping for basic needs,” Sri said when met by ACTNews at her home in Duren Sawit Village, Duren Sawit District, East Jakarta, Tuesday (7/27/2021).

When there is no food, Sri is forced to borrow money from neighbors. "What else can we do? I have no choice but to take on debt. I often run out of food, but my husband has no work. We don’t have money left to buy rice or food,” she said.

She was grateful. With the permission of Allah, there was unexpected sustenance that she got. Sri's family was one of the recipients of ready-to-eat meals from ACT’s Food Careline Services.

ACT’s Food Careline Services dishes delivered by Humanity Bikers helped fulfill Sri's family meal. She also did not need to spend money to get ready-to-eat food and didn't have to bother to pick her meal because it was delivered directly to her house.

“Thank you ACT for this Food Careline Services. This service is helpful for me because ACT is always there in difficult times like this. It is not my first time to use the services provided by ACT,” she explained. []