Staple Food Packages for Ramadan Ship are Being Prepared

Staple Food Packages for Ramadan Ship are Being Prepared

ACTNews, SIDENRENG RAPPANG – The day is getting nearer, the day when Ramadan Ship will begin its voyage to eastern Indonesian islands. This ship is about to bring Ramadan blessings to the remote areas of this country, especially in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), the third poorest province in Indonesia. Hundreds of tons of staple food packages are about to sail along with the volunteers who will distribute the supplies and provide medical services.

The packing process of the hundreds of tons of staple food supplies is being hastened. From Anabanna village, Sidenreng Rappang regency, South Sulawesi, approximately 100 tons of staple food supplies have been packed since Monday (5/28). Sidenreng Rappang, also known as Sidrap, is one of the biggest rice producer in South Sulawesi.

Badan, the coordinator of the preparation of the staple food packages for the Ramadan Ship in Sidrap regency, stated that among the food items that are being packed are coconut oil, sugar, and rice.

“The rice that will be shipped to our brothers and sisters in NTT comes from here in Sidrap regency,” said Badan.

A familiar sight was seen in the rice mill that also functions as a store house. Fifty volunteers were seen quickly carrying. Sorting, and packing the staple food items into boxes. The process was done repeatedly in order to pack the staple food items into 10,000 packages.

Badan added that the packing process of the 10,000 packages is targeted to finish on Tuesday (5/29). “Thus, today we involve around 50 volunteers from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) South Sulawesi. Insha Allah, on Tuesday, there will be more volunteers to help with the packing process,” explained Badan.

Gifts for fellow Indonesians

To finish the packing of 10,000 staple food packages in short time is a challenge for Herwanto Herwan who coordinates the packing volunteers of the staple food packages in Sidrap regency. Nevertheless, the volunteers and he are determined to finish the packing of the staple food packages on time.

“Because this is for our fellow countrymen. I feel that such activity is very profound. This is a form of my participation in helping my brothers and sisters in eastern Indonesia, especially in remote islands in NTT,” said Herwan of MRI Makassar.

This noble endeavor is based also on a noble intention to reap the best reward in the month of Ramadan. This is stated by Sudirman Tompo, another volunteer of MRI Makassar who also takes part in the packing process.

“I personally see it as an opportunity to reap immense rewards, especially in the month of Ramadan. In this best month, we have to do the best deends,” said Tompo.

The packing of the staple food packages is being done by volunteers from various regions, most of whom come from Makassar. Some of them also come from SIdrap and Soppeng regency.

Insha Allah, on Tuesday (5/29) afternoon, thousands of staple food packages will be transported by truck to the port of Garongkong, Barru regency. These staple food packages will then be loaded to the Ramadan Ship that is scheduled to sail on Wednesday (5/30). []



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