Staple Food Packages from UAE Embassy for Kampung Muka

Staple Food Packages from UAE Embassy for Kampung Muka

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The sounds of the commuter trains were clearly heard from this urban village. The horns of the trains were almost in unison with the voice of the azan. The narrow alleys become the only access to go from one place to another. Like maze, the alleys were dark, connected to one another, yet full of bustling activities.

It is located north of the train stations. This urban village is called Kampung Muka, which has been an Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)-supported village for years. Kampung Muka is located within the area of Ancol, Pademangan, North Jakarta.

On Saturday (5/26), in Kampung Muka, the officials from Embassy of United Arab Emirates came to give a number of staple food packages to be distributed in Kampung Muka. The total of 700 families received big boxes containing staple food supplies.

On behalf of the UAE Embassy, Deputy Ambassador of UAE for Indonesia Walid Murad Darwish Alreesi and Adel Mohamed Abdel Meguid as the embassy’s Financial Manager attended the event. On behalf of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) was Iqbal Setyarso as Vice President of Communication.

On Saturday afternoon, due to the narrow access, the Deputy Ambassador had to get off his car at the entrance of Kampung Muka. He walked across the settlement, greeting the locals who were standing in line. Because of the massive number, the distribution process had to be done on the courtyard of SD Negeri 03 Ancol.

“The aim of this staple food distribution is not political at all. It is done purely for the sake of Allah,” said Alreesy in front of hundreds of women of Kampung Muka.

Alreesi further exolained that the staple food packages that were entrusted to ACT is only an example of UAE’s aid distributions around the world. The UAE government also distributed aid in several conflict-ridden areas.

“This Ramadan, the UAE government is spreading a lot of blessings. Similar food package distributions are also done in Palestine, and several European countries with Muslim immigrant crises such as the UK, Italy, etc.,” said Alreesi.

Each package contains eight kinds of food with the total weight of 10 kilograms. M. Faisol Amrullah of Global Philanthropy Network – ACT explained that each of this heavy package is enough to supply the needs of one family for a month.

“It contains rice, sugar, flour, syrup, tea, cooking oil, coffee, and instant noodles. The total weight of all packages reaches 4,900 kilograms,” said Amrullah.

ACT’s first collaboration with UAE embassy

Before midday, the packages have been fully distributed. The ladies of Kampung Muka carried their packages to their homes. Some of them carried it with their hands, some of them put it on their shoulders, some put it on their hands.

The complex maze of alleys in Kampung Muka was filled with the ladies who carried their food packages. Bright smiles were seen on their faces.

“Thank you, brothers from ACT and Mr. Ambassador of UAE. Insha Allah, it will be blessings for all,” said Sumiyati, who walked across the alleys with her two neighbors, Santi and Siti Karomah.

About Kampung Muka, Rivai as the Manager of Relief Department Program – ACT explained that the people who received the staple food packages come from two most densely populated neighborhood communities (RW) in North Jakarta municipality.

“Kampung Muka has become an ACT-supported urban village since 2008. Here, ACT also provided clean water facility and restrooms, learning activities and learning houses, and a number of other empowerment programs for Kampung Muka,” he added.

Meanwhile, Iqbal Setyarso explained that the humanitarian collaboration between ACT and UAE embassy is the first time to be done this Ramadan. “This humanitarian collaboration is the first step to strengthen the bond between ACT and UAE embassy and between fellow Muslims,” said Setyarso.

Simultaneously, along with the staple food distribution in Kampung Muka, ACT also has several other Ramadan programs, as explained by Setyarso. He said that, not only Jakarta, the staple food and iftar distribution was also done in other conflict-ridden areas such as Jerusalem and Gaza in Palestine, as well as Yemen, Somalia, Syria, and several other places.

“In Jakarta, during the month of Ramadan, ACT serves 223 neighborhood communities (RW) by providing iftar packages in several designated areas. There are also free iftar packages served by Humanity Food Truck which provides 1,000 iftar packets daily. Then, in the second week of Ramadan, the Ramadan Ship will sail to eastern Indonesian islands bringing staple food packages,” he concluded. []



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