Strengthening Humanitarian Action in Gowa District

ACT had the opportunity to meet the Gowa Regency Government this September. Hopefully, in the future, humanitarian action will continue to strengthen in this region.

ACT team
ACT team meets the Gowa Regency Government to discuss humanitarian actions. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GOWA – In the second week of September, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) had the opportunity to meet with the Gowa Regency Government. The team discussed ACT's humanitarian program and plans for humanitarian collaboration that are ready to be established.

Abdul Rauf Malaganni, Deputy Regent of Gowa, the representatives of the Head of the Welfare Division, and the Gowa Social Service attended the meeting. ACT wants to carry out various humanitarian programs for impoverished people and those in need in Gowa. 

"On behalf of the Gowa Regency Government, we support ACT, which is ready to synergize through its coordination later with the Department of Social Affairs and People's Welfare who are ready to help implement these programs," said Abdul Rauf Malaganni.

Maskur, Branch Manager of ACT South Sulawesi, also expressed his gratitude for the welcome from the Gowa Regency Government and its willingness to establish humanitarian collaboration."Hopefully, this synergy will have a positive impact and inspire the community in Gowa Regency to donate," he said.

Previously, ACT carried out many humanitarian actions in Gowa, such as built Waqf Well for students, delivered food packages, distributed assistance to flood and landslide survivors, handed over business capital assistance to MSME owners, and Humanity Food Truck.[]