Strengthening Palestine's Food Security through Indonesia Humanitarian Center

Strengthening Palestine's Food Security through Indonesia Humanitarian Center

ACTNews, GAZA – The blockade that besieged Gaza Strip for over a decade has made it difficult for goods to get in and out of Gaza. The efforts by the people of Indonesia to alleviate the food insecurity in Palestine through the provision of food packages continues. On behalf of the nation, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) opens Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) in Gaza.

From Sunday (3/3) to Monday (3/4), the IHC building in Gaza was being filled with 3,000 aid packages to be distributed to the Gazans. Andi Noor Faradiba of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT stated that the distribution will be done this week. “Insha Allah, once the preparation is finished, the distribution is set to do in the next three days,” said Faradiba, Tuesday (3/5).

She explained that the opening of the IHC in Gaza is one Indonesia’s actions to ease the food crisis in Gaza. The food distribution from the IHC will be done in unison with other ongoing food aid programs such as Indonesian Public Kitchen and Humanity Card.

“The Indonesian Public Kitchen provides prepared meals for the school students because, as we know, many students in Gaza go to school without having their breakfasts. IHC aims to help families in Gaza in general,” explained Faradiba.

Like its counterpart in Syria, the IHC in Gaza will also be integrated with other aid programs. It will be a center of ACT’s humanitarian programs such as basic needs distribution, education aid distribution and medical service. ACT’s vehicles will also be parked there. “All of our programs will be integrated in the IHC,” said Faradiba.

She added that ACT and Global Wakaf also collaborate to make the IHC in Gaza the supplier for the future Waqf Shops in Gaza. The Waqf Shop program will be initiated after the aid distribution in the IHC is held regularly.

“As a long-term effort, IHC programs will be funded by Waqf, and IHC will serve as the supplier for the waqf shops while also distributing food packages,” concluded Faradiba.

Dr. Emad Mokat, a Gazan resident and a local ACT volunteer in Gaza, expressed his gratefulness on behalf of the people of Gaza for the IHC. “Firstly, we are grateful Allah. We also thank ACT for this IHC project that will benefit the impoverished families in Gaza. We pray that Allah will reward this noble project and reward the generous Indonesian donors. Thank you, Indonesia,” he said. []



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