Strengthening the Struggle of an Orphaned Quran Memorizer in Bekasi

Despite being only 11 year old and living with her mother and grandmother, she does not give up studying. She keeps going to school and is eager to memorize the 30 juz of the Quran.

Alya receives educational assistance from Global Zakat.
Alya receives educational assistance from Global Zakat. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BEKASI – Alya Sri Renata (11) could not contain her happiness when Global Zakat team visited her small house which also occupied by her mother and her grandmother in Parkit Raya Street, Perumnas 1, Bekasi City, Wednesday (04/28/2021). Alya is an orphaned 5th grader who is struggling to memorize the Quran. Her spirit is so high although she is not from a wealthy family.

Since she was two and a half year old, Alya has been living without a father. Now, she lives with her mother and her grandmother. To fulfill her daily necessities, her mother opens a small business by selling snacks including grilled sausages. Alya often helps her mother’s business while also memorizing the Quran in the middle of her activities.

Looking at Alya’s enthusiasm, Global Zakat didn’t just come to strengthen the silaturrahim but also handed over the educational assistance through the Friend of Indonesian Students program to Alya. This assistance was the realization of zakat-ul-mal benefits to the communities through Global Zakat.

“Alya’s simple life doesn’t prevent her from striving to memorize the Quran. Her ambition is very noble, which is to finish memorizing all 30 parts of the Quran,” said Ihsan Hafizhan from the Global Zakat Bekasi Program team.

Before Alya, Global Zakat had delivered the same assistance to other students in various places. These activities are the implementation of the benefits of zakat-ul-mal.

“Zakat is not only the zakat-ul-fitr in Ramadan, but we can also pay the zakat-ul-mal outside Ramadan. The benefits can clearly be seen,” said Ihsan.[]