Student in Malang Raises Fund to Support Palestinians

Support for Palestine continues to flow from the Indonesian people. This time, it came from students in Malang who raised tens of millions rupiahs of alms in one day.

Distribution of aid
Distribution of aid from PPDU to Palestine through ACT Malang. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, MALANG – The concern of the Indonesian people for Palestine continues. The ongoing occupation and limited conditions in Palestine are the reasons for generosity to be presented. Various Indonesian communities also took part in this support for Palestine.

Recently, support for Palestine came from Malang. Daarul Ukhuwwah Islamic Boarding School (PPDU) Putra Malang handed over a donation worth more than IDR 14 million for Palestine. This awareness-raising event was initiated by Organisasi Santri Daaurul Ukhuwwah (OSADU) and is expected to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian population through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT).

Agus Febrianto, one of the representatives of OSADU, said the fundraising took place within one day. The spirit of helping others was the reason for this action. Later, the funds will be allocated to support ACT's humanitarian programs in Palestine.

"We did a fundraising in one day with all our friends at the Islamic boarding school," said Agus when handing over the funds to ACT Malang.

The Branch Manager of ACT Malang Iqrok Wahyu Perdana appreciated the fundraising from students in Malang. He said the Palestinians are still waiting for our helping hand because they are still under colonialism and prolonged blockade.

“Support for Palestine must continue to be flowing. Now, it comes from the students, which is proof that solidarity is still there and continues to flow," said Iqrok.[]