Students in Cipasung, Tasikmalaya Welcome Iftar from Humanity Food Truck

Humanity Food Truck carried out an action of kindness in Tasikmalaya. This time, in collaboration with JNE Tasikmalaya, ACT distributed a thousand portions of ready-to-eat meal to break the fast.

The chef cooks the dishes in the kitchen of Humanity Food Truck in Tasikmalaya. (ACTNews)
The chef cooks the dishes in the kitchen of Humanity Food Truck in Tasikmalaya. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA Iftar dishes served by Humanity Food Truck were distributed in Tasikmalaya. The beneficiaries were a thousand students at the Cipasung Islamic Boarding School, Tasikmalaya, Thursday (4/29/2021). These dishes were prepared by a professional chef who serves the best food for breaking the fast.

The activity was supported by JNE Tasikmalaya to encourage students who are studying and memorizing the Quran through meal packages for iftar.

“We prepare a thousand portions of best quality iftar dishes to the students in collaboration with JNE Tasikmalaya. The dishes include chicken, soup, tofu, tempeh, and many more. Hopefully, we all get blessings from this kindness,” hoped Fauzi Ridwan from the Program team of ACT Tasikmalaya.

A good response also came from the Head of the Cipasung Islamic Boarding School, KH A. Bunyamin Ruchiat. He appreciated the action held at the boarding school. He said, giving food to people who fasted would be rewarded accordingly. "Hopefully, more people will be able to support Islamic boarding schools in the future," said Kiai Abun.

Humanity Food Truck iftar distribution is a part of the Ramadan Food Alms Movement initiated by ACT a few days before Ramadan. This action is supported by the generosity of benefactors. It was not the first time for JNE Tasikmalaya to collaborate with ACT in various actions and movements. Previously, JNE Tasikmalaya has also supported similar actions and even distribution of Qurbani meat. []