Sukajaya Residents Live in Restrictions in Tarpaulin Tents

The residents of Sukajaya Subdistrict is still threatened by subsequent landslides. They opt to evacuate to evacuation sites to protect themselves.

The tent in Sibentang Hamlet. The locals chose to leave their homes to seek shelter in safer places. (ACTNews/Yuda Hadisana)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY - Since early in the morning, the rain had been falling on Jayaraharja Village in Sukajaya Subdistrict, Bogor Regency, Sunday (1/5). The rain was not quite heavy, but the long duration of rain made the paved road wet and the soil muddy.

When the ACTNews team arrived at the rice field where the villagers evacuated in Sibentang Hamlet in Jayaraharja Village, a 5-by-5-meter tent stood on the field that was occupied by over 100 inhabitants. They are residents of Sibentang Hamlet whose houses were affected by the landslide on the first day of 2020. Hundreds of people were displaced and forced to live in limited conditions.

Among these evacuees was Wulan, a mother of four who fled with her entire family to the tent. She said, the conditions inside the tent were saddening because share it with a large number of evacuees.

"The tent is so small and cramped. The base was just a perforated tarpaulin or a gunny sack. When it rains, the water leaks and the soil becomes muddy. If this happens, all of us must stand up so that there will be enough room for all," said Wulan, Sunday (1/5).

On Sunday afternoon, the evacuees chose to set up a new tent in order to be able to shelter the new wave of evacuees. They had just received a new tarp tent. The new evacuees were the residents of Sibentang who were on vacation at the end of the year when the disaster happened. They returned to their village only to find out that it had been hit by massive landslide.

In Jayaraharja Village, there are two evacuation points. Apart from the rice field in Sibentang Village, another evacuation site was Sukajaya 05 Public Elementary School in Sihuut Village that sheltered nine families. These families come from the parts of the village that is vulnerable to landslides.

The tent in Sibentang Village, Jayaraharja, Sukajaya, Bogor that was occupied by over 100 inhabitants. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has assisted Jayaraharja villagers since the first day after the landslide. A public kitchen that provides prepared meals was established in Gunung Koneng Village. In addition, ACT also distributed staple food packages to hundreds of people in several villages in Jayaraharja that were isolated.

Imam Al Daffa, a volunteer who was on duty in the ACT post in Jayaraharja, said that there were still some isolated villages that are located quite far away. The roads to these villages are difficult to traverse due to the massive debris caused by the landslide. On Sunday, ACT team tried to reach one of the villages and hand over food packages and provide medical services to the residents.

"There were two ways that can be used to reached Jayaraharja, through Gunung Koneng Village or Harkat Jaya Village. But the two roads have been buried by the landslide and flashflood that broke the bridge," he explained, Sunday (1/5).

ACT has continued to assist the landslide and flood victims. The Regional Disaster Post in Cigudeg has continued to distribute food packages and other aid packages to ACT posts at several points and directly to the evacuees. []