Sulastri Sales Become Productive with Waqf Carts

Since her business at a swimming pool was stopped due to social restrictions, Sulastri decided to start a kupat tahu business. Even though the current situation is burdensome, Sulastri does not give up running a business.

Sulastri can reach more customers with Waqf Cart. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI REGENCY – Sulastri (41) looked happy when she got a new cart from the Productive Business Waqf. On Friday (24/8/2021), Global Wakaf-ACT team gave the cart to Sulastri to support her kupat tahu (Indonesian rice cake delicacy) business.

Previously, Sulastri had run a food stall at a swimming pool in Cicurug Village, Sukabumi Regency, for fifteen years. Her husband worked at a restaurant. However, the swimming pool had to be temporarily closed due to activity restrictions. “The restaurant was closed, so my husband was laid off,” said Sulastri.

Currently, Sulastri runs a kupat tahu business to meet her family’s needs. Sulastri keeps trying to build her business despite her limitations. Her income decreased when the positive case of Covid-19 re-emerged.

“Previously, we could sell up to 100 servings. Now, we can only sell between 40 to 50 servings,” explained a woman from Purwasari Village.

With the Waqf Cart from Productive Business Waqf, Sulastri can reach more customers. Hopefully, her kupat tahu business can continue and be more productive.

Productive Business Waqf is a waqf-based empowerment program in the form of business assets. Global Waqf also focuses on building distribution or supply chains so that the selling price of MSME products can be stable. []