Sulistiani: If The Crop Fails, What Can I do?

To manage agricultural land, Sulistiani (24) often gets loans with high interest. With the high interest and farming risks, her harvest result is still not in her favor.

Sulistiani becomes a farmer for the past two years.
Sulistiani has been a farmer for the past two years. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOJONEGORO – It has not been long for Sulistiani (24) to become a farmer, two years to be precise. However, Sulistiani is also used to it since she relies on the business to increase her family's income.

“My land is very small, only 800 square meters and still not enough to fulfill our daily needs," said Sulistiani when met at her home in the Gendong Hamlet, Kedungadem District, Bojonegoro Regency last February.

In the planting period, she gets loans for the capital, and the possibility of harvest failure is always there. Sulistiani admits that the capital she has to get is quite high, and it will be difficult for her to return the loans. Meanwhile, sometimes, what she obtained is not worth the loans she got.

Moreover, she also has to consider the risk of harvest failure on her managed land. “Most of the farmers here are farming with two times planting periods, and we are still worried if the rainfall is low. If the crop fails, what can we do? The production costs are with interest, and this is the only amount of my harvest. We have to carefully manage the income to meet the daily needs of my family," continued Sulistiani to the Global Wakaf-ACT Team.

Sulistiani's problems are often experienced by other farmers. Therefore, Global Wakaf-ACT continues to expand aid through the Productive Agricultural Waqf program. The capital assistance is expected to be able to smoothen their business during the planting period so that they are no longer trapped in interest-bearing loans from the loan sharks.

The Productive Agricultural Waqf program is under the Uplift Indonesian Farmers movement initiated by ACT .the movement aims to strengthen food sovereignty through supporting the production and welfare of the farmers.[]