Sulyana Hopes to Increase Bread Production during Ramadan

The Covid-19 pandemic forced Sulyana to go into debts to cover the production costs of her bakery. She doesn’t have enough capital to develop her business in welcoming the month of Ramadan which is the moment to sell more bread.

Before the pandemic, Sulyana had two employees. Sadly, she had to terminate the contract of one of them due to pandemic. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, DEPOK - Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Sulyana (43) had two employees to make various types of bread at her home in Cipayung, Depok. At that time, she could produce up to 500 to 600 loaves a day. She used to sell the breads to 13 shops and cooperatives. During certain events, she could produce up to thousands of bread loaves.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced her to cut he bread production. Now, she can only produce up to 300 loaves. She had to lay off one of her employees due to declining sales. Sulyana had to pawn her motorcycle’s Proof of Ownership because she needs a lot of capital to produce bread. There is a debt that she has to pay for the next 18 months.

Sulyana when met by the Global Wakaf - ACT at her bakery. (ACTNews)

Deep in her heart, it was difficult for her to take loans from moneylenders. “Apart from having to return a larger amount, I am also afraid of the sins that I have to bear due to being involved in usury-based transactions,” he said. She had no other options especially after prices of raw materials increase ahead of Ramadan.

To help develop Sulyana's business potential ahead of Ramadan, Global Wakaf-ACT provided Sulyana's business with the assistance from Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses Program in the middle of March.

Zaid Muzayyan from Global Wakaf – ACT Depok explained that this initiative was expected to support Sulyana's bakery in the month of Ramadan. "Hopefully, Sulyana can buy raw materials before the prices get more expensive as Ramadan draws near. This assistance is the result of the management of waqf funds to support productive enterprises," said Zaid. This assistance is one of the efforts to help free Sulyana from debts and moneylenders. []