Sumarsih: I Will do Anything As Long As It Is Halal

Sumarsih (41) 's livelihood has been crushed by the pandemic several times. However, she chooses not to give up. Instead, she started several businesses at once to be able to provide for her family.

Sumarsih receives capital assistance from the Waqf for Micro Business Capital program. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN - The difficulties that have affected (41) don’t make her falter. In fact, her face was glistening with cheerfulness and a warm smile when Aksi Cepat Tanggap South Kalimantan met her in her house in the city of Banjarmasin despite having lost her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Previously, sold food at Ulin Hospital, Banjarmasin. In addition, she sold peanut crackers (peyek) to several Padang restaurants around the city. However, as the hospital tightened its regulations due to the pandemic, not everyone was allowed to go there, and Sumarsih closed her stall.

She has also stopped selling peyek to the Padang restaurants on consignment because he wasn’t able to sell many. "I earn the profits based on how many peyek packages were sold. But they haven’t been able  to sell well, then the shop owner is paid for it, even up to three times a new payment is made. Part of the process can no longer be followed because of the urgent need for housing to accelerate the circulation of money because there is no longer as much capital as it used to be, "said Retno Sulisetiyani as the Coordinator of the Global Waqf Program - ACT South Kalimantan, Tuesday (13/10).

Apart from these businesses that are now at a standstill, Sumarsih also survives by selling cakes in the morning and taking catering orders. "Whatever I do as long as it is halal. If I can't, I will study first, ”said Sumarsih, describing his determination with a strong Javanese dialect.

The jar of peanut brittle which Sumarsih usually uses to deposit her wares. (ACTNews)

All of this he did to help his family's economy considering that his 3 children were still in school. The oldest child is MTs, the second child is currently in grade 6 SD while the youngest is grade 1 SD. Especially during a pandemic like this, online schools must be carried out by their three children. So that the quota needs also increase the mandatory expenditure.

Happiness became even more apparent when Global Wakaf - ACT explained the purpose of coming to his house. "Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful. That's right, to increase capital, "he said.

Two jars of different sizes appeared in the corner of the wall of his house. He plans to make more of the jars with the help of the capital he gets so that he can put them in his regular stalls or other orders. “The more containers there are, the more space it will have and of course the opportunity for people to buy. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sumarsih is willing to return the waqf capital back in the next 10 months, "said Retno.

Together with 9 other tough mothers in the group, Sumarsih received funds from the Micro Business Capital Waqf program. There are still many mothers who struggle in this difficult time, therefore Retno also invites the benefactors to support the Micro Business Capital Waqf to accompany them. “In this difficult time, it is not uncommon for mothers who used to take care of the household now must also become the backbone of the family for their needs. Therefore, we invite philanthropists to help them together, especially in South Kalimantan, through the Micro Business Capital Waqf program, "said Retno. []