Sunarti's Cassava Chips Business Continues Rising Amid a Pandemic

Sunarti's cassava chips business decreased by 85 percent. However, she does not give up on continuing her MSME business.

Sunarti packs her cassava chips product. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR – Sunarti (46) chose cassava chips as a business that supports her family. These processed products also continue to grow, even opening new jobs for other people who become resellers. Sunarti made several innovations from her business, such as selling chips of various flavors. From this MSME business, Sunarti and resellers can earn income.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has had affected her business and has reduced Sunarti's income by 85 percent. One by one, her reseller went bankrupt and made it difficult for Sunarti to meet the needs of her family.

However, Sunarti does not despair. She continues her business and receives assistance from Global Wakaf-ACT through the Productive Business Waqf program.

"We provide capital from the Buying Up Merchandise program and assistance to Mrs. Sunarti. Hopefully, this assistance will restore the condition of Mrs. Sunarti's business,” explained Putri from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI ) Bogor team. 

Sunarti had an opportunity to display her cassava chip products in Global Wakaf-ACT’s vehicle, which was presented at Al-Muttaqin Grand Mosque, Bogor, at the end of August. Other MSME products assisted by Global Wakaf-ACT were also displayed.[]