Supartini Peddles Her Merchandise on Foot for Ten Years

With both hands, Supartini had to carry her merchandise around the neighborhood on foot every day. She does this to help provide for her family.

Supartini brings the Waqf Cart home. (ACTNews / Eko Ramdani)

ACTNews, SOUTH JAKARTA - For 10 years, Supartini (40) has been peddling food in the capital city of Jakarta, selling side dishes and snacks. Every day, she goes around the neighborhood in Rawajati Urban Village, Pancoran, South Jakarta on foot to sell her food. She carried the merchandise with her bare hands as she walked around the neighborhood.

She peddles her food twice a day. She doesn’t carry much merchandise in one go, but she is able to make a gross income of IDR 300,000 a month.

"Usually my merchandise runs out in at least an hour. I don’t carry much in one go because I carry all the food with my hands,” said Supartini, Friday (2/19/2021).

Supartini's husband, Eko Budi Widiono, is a construction worker. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he rarely gets a job. Hence, his income is uncertain.

For ten years, Supartini has been peddling food to help provide for her family. The woman who came from the city of Pemalang in Central Java is blessed with seven children. The family lives in a rented house that costs them IDR 1.6 million a month.

"With seven children to feed and a rent to pay, I have to work hard,” added Supartini.

Supartini optimistic about increasing sales

Supartini admitted that her business was not severely affected by the pandemic because she already had regular customers. However, it was quite difficult for her because she couldn’t get into the surrounding neighborhoods to sell her merchandise.  

Now that the pandemic has been going on for over a year, Supartini holds high hopes that her sales will increase. On Friday (2/19/2021), Supartini received a bicycle cart that she would use to sell her merchandise from Global Wakaf-ACT.

"I can sell more items and go further around with this cart. I don't have to carry the merchandise with my hands. With Ramadan approaching, Insha Allah, it can be maximized," said Supartini. []