Support for Lili Sadili Who Serves as a Preacher for 24 Years

Lili Sadili is one of thousands of preachers in Tasikmalaya. Global Zakat-ACT appreciates Lili's 24 years of dedication through the Sahabat Dai Indonesia program.

Lili Saidi receives financial support from Global Zakat – ACT through the Sahabat Dai Indonesia program. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA - Lili Sadili (51), a Quran teacher in Kawalu District, Tasikmalaya City, has devoted himself to preaching and teaching the Quran for 24 years. Since 1996 he, he has started Quran classes for children. "A year later, I was entrusted with managing Islamic classes for youth," said Lili when Global Zakat-ACT Tasikmalaya met him on Monday (1/18/2021).

For Lili, teaching has been his biggest aspiration since he was younger. After graduating from MAN Bahrul Ulum Awipari Tasikmalaya in 1990, he immediately began teaching Islam.

"As long as I am needed and people trust me, Insha Allah, I am ready to serve. I always believe that we should not worry about out sustenance that has been guaranteed by Allah,” said the father of two.

Since he does not earn much from teaching, he makes a living by selling bajigur, a traditional drink. He makes a net profit of IDR 200,000 to 300,000 a month that he uses to support his family. His oldest child is in elementary school while his youngest is still an infant.

Global Zakat – ACT appreciates Lili’s dedication through the handover of financial support from the Sahabat Dai Indonesia program. Fauzi Ridwan from Global Zakat – ACT Tasikmalaya Program Department explained that the financial support for these Muslim preachers is expected to encourage them more. "At the same time, it also represents the support from the whole Muslim community who benefits from these preachers,” said Fauzi. []