Support for Palestinian’s Struggles Comes from Yogyakarta

Support for Palestine from the Indonesian people through the International Humanitarian Committee for Palestine Liberation (KKIPP) continues to flow. This time, it came from Yogyakarta.

The declaration of Yogyakarta residents supporting Palestine's liberation.
The declaration of Yogyakarta residents supporting Palestine's liberation. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, YOGYAKARTA – The prolonged colonialism by the Israel occupation on the land of Palestine has caused negative impacts until now. Various resources and the property rights of the Palestinians were taken forcibly. In addition to property and territory, there were fatalities and injuries, especially if there is major aggression such as at the end of last Ramadan.

Responding to this tragedy, various figures in Yogyakarta voiced their support for Palestine with the International Humanitarian Committee for the Liberation of Palestine (KKIPP), Monday (31/5/2021). Figures consisting of ulemas, philanthropists, and mass organizations are supporting the effort to set Palestine free. The support event was marked by the declaration of the liberation of Palestine as well as a form of solidarity.

The declaration event which took place in Goebok Resto, Yogyakarta was attended by the representative of Indonesian Preacher Association (Ikadi) Yogyakarta, Ustaz Tulus Mustofa, the Indonesian Mosque Council, various companies, communities, and schools as well as dozens of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) partners in Yogyakarta.

"Palestinian affairs are not only the affairs of Muslims, but broadly, it is a humanitarian issue which requires everyone’s participation to care for Palestine. In Palestine there is a lot of injustice, violence, and even massacres whose targets are not only Muslims," ​​said Ustaz Tulus.

It is in accordance with what Ustaz Sulkhan Zenuri, the representative from Ikadi DIY says that for him, the Palestinian issue is a humanitarian problem. He also urged the human rights community and the United Nations to take concrete steps to save Palestine.

All support from various parties in Yogyakarta was not without reason. Israel's aggression against the Palestinian population by the end of Ramadan has brought deep sorrow of which hundreds of fatalities including women and children. Various residential and public facilities were damaged, as a result, many social services were also affected.

The Branch Manager of ACT DIY, Zainul Muttaqin says that KKIPP is a forum to support the liberation of Palestine from Israeli occupation. Aspiration will be raised as a form of support for the years of oppression in Palestine. Not to mention the blockade that has brought a big impact, especially on the economy and other services including education and health.

"Through the declaration of KKIPP, Hopefully, support for Palestinian independence will continue to strengthen, especially from the Yogyakarta region. In addition, real actions to help Palestine will be carried out, starting from the sector of education, health, economy, and so on," said Zainul.[]