Supported by Sahabat UMI, Komariyah’s Chip Business Continues

Komariyah felt that he has been helped by Allah when she received business capital aid after losing her job as a casual daily laborer for three months.

Komariyah packages her banana chips. Her chip business resumed after she received business capital assistance from Sahabat UMI. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANDUNG - Komariyah (55), a resident of Cicangkudu Village, Bandung Regency, is slowly recovering from the financial difficulty that she has been suffering. She initially worked as a casual daily worker in a home-scale sandal producer. The sandal maker had to lay off some of its employees due to the Covid-19 pandemic due to the lack of orders. Komariyah was among those who were laid off.

She had no source of income for nearly three months. Komariyah was struggling to meet the needs of her family. Her husband, who is a farm laborer, doesn’t earn much income. Her three children have married and live separately with their spouses.

However, Komariyah felt that Allah is helping her during this difficult time. She received business capital assistance from Sahabat Usaha Mikro Indonesia. program. Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) West Java provided this business capital assistance in early January 2021. She used the capital to produce breadfruit and cassava chips.

When the team visited her house on Wednesday (1/13/2021), she was making chips to be sold. She seemed enthusiastic and grateful for the business assistance to meet the needs of her family.

"Alhamdulillah, from the business capital assistance that the team handed over to me, I was able to make chips. Many customers have been ordering. I am helping my husband to make a living," said Komariyah. She prayed for the well-being of the donors.

The Sahabat UMI program continues to support the Indonesian women who are working to support their families. “Insha Allah, we will continue to help other women out there who own small businesses so that they can recover from the economic difficulties from which they have been suffering. Through the Sahabat UMI program, ACT West Java is ready to deliver the assistance of generous donors to those in need, "explained Trisna Adi Permana, ACT West Java Branch Manager. []