Supporting Future Muslim Preachers with Food Aid

Due to the poor conditions of several Islamic Boarding Schools in Balikpapan, ACT East Kalimantan helps these pesantrens by distributing rice in December 2019

Islamic students in East Kalimantan who received rice aid. (ACTNews/Arifka Nanda)

ACTNews, BALIKPAPAN - Over 600 students from 12 Islamic Boarding Schools in Balikpapan received rice from the generous people all around Indonesia. These Islamic Boarding Schools were Istiqlal Islamic Boarding School, Mafatihul 'Ulum Islamic Boarding School, Taajul Waqoor Islamic Boarding School, Tahfizh Al-Mukhlisin Islamic Boarding School, Mardhatillah Islamic Boarding School, Kulliyatul Muballighin Islamic Boarding School, Tarbiyatul Ummah Islamic Boarding School, Al-Izzah Islamic Boarding School, Nurul Fikri Global Islamic Boarding School, Dhiya’ul Arasy Islamic Boarding School, Insan Mulia Islamic Boarding School, and Imam Nawawi Islamic Boarding School.

These schools are situated quite far from the hustle and bustle of the city center. The road to these schools was also quite difficult. Some of these Islamic boarding schools only have limited facilities. Therefore, they were eligible for the rice aid distributed by ACT.

"This is a program that is simultaneously implemented in all ACT branch offices. Launched on the National Santri Day, this program aims to support the food security of Islamic boarding schools, especially those with limited facilities, "explained Muhammad Iqbal from ACT East Kalimantan Program Team. Iqbal hoped that this assistance can increase the spirit of the students in studying and teaching Islam.

The team’s arrival was met with warm smiles from the students. They helped the ACT team to unload the rice and carry it to their classrooms. "Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful to ACT and also all donors. May Allah repay you with the best rewards May Allah bless you with fortune and sustenance, "said Muhammad Syawwal, a student in Imam Nawawi Islamic Boarding School KM 10 Balikpapan. []