Supporting Jajang's Spirit for Education

Although his physical condition is different from the average person, Jajang, a teacher in Sukabumi Regency, keeps the spirit of teaching.

Jajang drives an old motorbike to school. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI REGENCY – 2001 was a sad year for Jajang, an honorary teacher in Bojongsari Village, Jampangkulon District, Sukabumi Regency. Jajang had an accident, and his one leg had to be amputated.

Jajang's life has not changed even though he lost his one leg. He is still excited to go to school. Although the journey to school is not easy, Jajang never gives up. Every day, Jajang has to travel 25 kilometers to school in Nangela Village, Tegalbuleud District. By using an old modified motorbike, Jajang passes through a road that is not completely paved.

“I ride my motorbike to school. The motorbike is broken. The shock breaker leaks, the engine often drops, and the brakes do not work properly. I use it every day through uneven dirt and rocky roads," said Jajang, Thursday (10/7/2021).

His current economic condition is not enough to buy a new motorbike. The salary that Jajang receives is still far from the District Minimum Wage (UMK) of the Sukabumi Regency. Per month, Jajang receives a salary of IDR 400 thousand. His salary now is much higher than the first time he taught, which was IDR 150 thousand.

Jajang receives assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews) 

Resdiana Pratama from ACT Sukabumi team explains many honorary teachers who have worked for a long time and have to go through difficult access to school. However, the salary they get is small. “The welfare of honorary teachers is still lacking. The period of dedication and hard struggle has not been taken into account to increase welfare," he said.

To help the struggle of impoverished honorary teachers, Global Zakat-ACT provides financial and food aid. Hopefully, the assistance from benefactors can ease the economic burden of the honorary teachers.[]