Supporting Masito’s Da’wah Work

Despite the difficult financial situation that she and her family faces, Masito (48) never falters in preaching Islam. She teaches to the locals in her neighborhood every day after afternoon prayer.

Masito when met in the middle of his teaching activities. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Masito’s sincerity in doing Islamic preaching never relents despite ups and downs. Living in a house inherited by her parents in Jakarta, she has been an Islamic teacher for five years, teaching variety of fields related to the religion of Islam, from Islamic law, Quran recitation, and the Arabic language.

She lives with her husband, a wedding photographer. As weddings have been restricted due to the pandemic, his income has decreased dramatically. Now, Masito’s husband is doing all he can to make ends meet.

“Besides her income as a teacher, Masito also relies on her husband who works odd jobs. Masito previously taught at a school. However, her medical condition makes it difficult for her to teach there,” explained Gamal Naser from the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) West Jakarta Program Department.

Masito having a discussion with ACT West Jakarta Team. (ACTNews)

Despite her current financial difficulties, she is happy with her activities. She actively teaches every day after afternoon prayer till dusk, in addition to several Islamic study circles for women that she led.

"During her five years of teaching, she has met many types of students, from the diligent ones to the stubborn ones. Masito accepted them nevertheless because of her sincerity. She hopes that the pandemic will be over soon so that her livelihood can recover,” said Gamal.

For her dedication, Global Zakat - ACT awarded Masito with financial assistance through the Sahabat Dai Indonesia program on Wednesday (12/9). "We hope that more teachers and preachers will be helped through this program, especially in the capital city. We are inviting the community to always support our actions assist teachers and preachers," Gamal asked.

Masito was grateful, and hoped that the benefits can be felt by other teachers and preachers. "We hope that people like us can be helped through this program. And we pray that Global Zakat - ACT will be more successful and blessed,” she hoped. []