Supporting Nurma’s Business Amid Pandemic

Being a single parent requires Nurma (44) to make more efforts to support her child who is currently in junior high school. She runs a small shop with only a little capital. As the pandemic goes on, her income has also been falling.

Nurma at her shop
Nurma tends her small shop that is the main source of income for her family. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, AMBON – Since her husband's death four years ago, Nurma (44) has had to struggle alone to raise her only child who is still in junior high school. Currently, she runs a small shop that sells children's snacks and groceries at her home at BTN Kebun Cengkeh, Batu Merah Village, Sirimau, Ambon City.

She began her small shop with only IDR 500,000 that she received from a zakat fund and from her previous business. With only a humble beginning, she runs her small shop to support her family.

“I used to peddle banana fritters,” said Nurma when ACTNews met her last May.

Her child used to help her peddle the banana fritters. However, he often got too tired and didn’t have enough time for his study and assignments.

Now, Nurma is trying to develop her business amid the ongoing pandemic. The global outbreak has hit her business hard. She often has to resort to using her capital money to make ends meet. Now, in order for her business to survive, she needs capital assistance.

To support Nurma's efforts for her family, Global Wakaf – ACT has provided business capital grant for Nurma through the Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses. Muhammad Syamsudin Mahu from Global Wakaf – ACT program department says this capital assistance is Global Wakaf – ACT’s initiative to increase the business capacity of small and micro business owners with the help of the benefactors.

“Indonesian Micro Business Capital Waqf is a tangible manifestation of the benefits of community waqf funds channeled to the productive sector. The waqf funds will continue to rotate and bring new benefits at any time,” he explained. []