Supporting Palestinians’ Health through First Aid Kit Distribution

Hundreds of first-aid kit boxes were distributed to residents, schools, kindergartens, and a number of shelters in Gaza as an effort to provide health services to the Palestinians.

First aid kit assistance.
ACT Palestine team distributes first-aid kit boxes to the Gazans. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Hundreds of first-aid kit boxes were distributed to Palestinians in North Gaza and Gaza City. The assistance was not only distributed directly to the residents but also to the managers of local public facilities.

Tens of schools, kindergartens, shelters, and ambulance managements were targeted as the recipients of the first-aid kit assistance that was distributed in mid-September.

Firdaus Guritno from ACT’s Global Humanity Response explained that the first-aid kit boxes from Generous Benefactors are very beneficial to support healthcare facilities for the Gazans.

The distribution was carried out by Volunteers of ACT Palestine who were directly visited the local schools and kindergartens that didn’t have the first-aid kit box. Many of the recipients were very grateful for the assistance and thanked the benefactors who have cared for them.

ACT team prepares the first-aid kit boxes to be distributed to the Palestinians. (ACTNews)

“Aside from first-aid kit box distribution, ACT also has various humanitarian programs to support the Palestinians’ health including dozens of pre-hospital ambulance provisions and the establishment of six Indonesian Medical Clinics in Palestine that provide free medical treatments and medicines to thousands of Palestinians,” concluded Firdaus.[]