Supporting Religious Activities of Nurul Firdaus Mosque through A Waqf Well

Nurul Firdaus Mosque drained water as far as 30 meters from the house of one of the clerics for the congregation's needs because it did not have its sanitation facilities.

Nurul Firdaus Mosque
Inauguration of Waqf Well at Nurul Firdaus Mosque on Monday (1/24/2022). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BOGOR REGENCY – Nurul Firdaus Mosque is located in Jatisari Village, Cileungsi District, Bogor Regency. It is a mosque that is frequently used by residents for religious activities because other mosques are too far away.

However, Nurul Firdaus Mosque has not had its water source since its construction began. So far, the mosque has had to ride water from a cleric's house through a pipe 30 meters to the mosque for its water needs. Furthermore, the mosque lacks toilets and ablution facilities.

In response to this situation, the Global Wakaf – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) East Bogor team constructed a Waqf Well at the Nurul Firdaus Mosque. On Monday (24/1/2022), the well was completed and inaugurated. Ustaz Ganjar Muharram, the Director of the Board of Nurul Firdaus Mosque, expressed his gratitude during the inauguration.

"Alhamdulillah, the establishment of a waqf well by ACT is very beneficial for the congregation of the Nurul Firdaus mosque. Insha Allah, several programs here will continue to carry out every day. Among them are Ummarirah Early Childhood Education (PAUD), MTQ PGQ Nurul Firdaus, which runs after Maghrib prayer, Friday prayers, and five daily prayers," Ustaz Ganjar said. He also hopes that the Waqf Well will allow residents to use water more quickly and cleanly.

K. Juma Nasir, a Head of Welfare of Jatisari Village, attended the inauguration. He hopes that Global Wakaf-ACT East Bogor and Jatisari Village will continue to collaborate to develop community-beneficial programs. "On behalf of the residents of Jatisari Village, I thank Global Wakaf-ACT, because this program is great, useful, and the residents can feel the benefits, especially for ablution and taharah (purification) in the Jatisari Village area. Hopefully, this program will be sustainable and useful in the future," he said. []