Supporting Tatang’s Business by Providing New Cart

Since quitting his job as a farmer five years ago, Tatang decided to sell cilok. Sadly, like other MSMEs, Tatang’s business has been severely impacted by the pandemic.

By having his own cart, Tatang hopes that his business can be more productive. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, CIAMIS – Five years ago, Tatang Suherman decided to quit his job as a farmer. What he earned was too small compared to his hard work. Hence, he opted to become a street peddler.

Tatang sells cilok, an Indonesian savory snack made of tapioca,  with a cart. He travels 10 kilometers every day to provide for his family. "The cart and cilok that I sell aren’t really mine. I just sell it. I split the profit with the owner,” said Tatang when met by Global Wakaf-ACT in Cisaga Kolot Hamlet, Mekarmukti Village, Cisaga District, Ciamis Regency, last Tuesday (9/14/2021).

This pandemic poses a new challenge for Tatang’s livelihood. His income declines by half. “My cilok sales are affected. I have three children to support who are still in school. I have to pay for basic needs as well,” said Tatang.

However, Tatang never gives up working. The man who is also a preacher in his neighborhood has a strong belief in Allah. “Our efforts must be coupled with a good relationship with Allah so that Allah will always take care of us and bless us in everything we do,” explained Tatang.

Through Waqf for Productive Enterprises program, Global Wakaf – ACT supported him by giving him his own cart with the hope that it can increase his productivity.

“Alhamdulillah, thank you for the cart that I can use to sell cilok. I hope that I can sell cilok on my own without having to split the profits. May Allah reward the waqf donors and volunteers immensely," said Tatang. []

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