Supporting the Uighurs Through Humanitarian Aid

The support for the Uighur Muslims continues to be voiced. Amnesty International reported that the ethnic Uighurs faced discrimination and they are banned from practicing Islam.

Supporting the Uighurs Through Humanitarian Aid' photo
Chairman of ACT's Board of Trustee Ahyudin visiting an Uighur orphanage in Kayseri, Turkey. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – The repression and discrimination faced by the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang has once again come in the spotlight following the support from a number of public figures also voiced their support for Uighur Muslims, including soccer player Mesut Ozil. A number of Islamic-based community organizations also helped echoed support.

Chairperson of the East Turkistan National Assembly Seyit Tumturk, during his visit to Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) office in Jakarta revealed that for three years the Chinese government had denied the existence of the camps in which millions of Uighur Muslims have been detained, discriminated against and banned from worship.

"The Chinese government admitted the existence of the rehabilitation and reeducation camps. This is a proof of the existence of these camps," Tumturk said through his translator on Thursday (11/28).

So far, Tumturk explained, the East Turkestan National Assembly has sought the support of a number of parties, including those in Indonesia. He was also very grateful to the people of Indonesia who showed their support by holding a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta in December 2018.

Chairman of ACT’s Board of Trustees Ahyudin said, as a humanitarian agency, ACT will always support the Uighurs within the field of humanitarianism. So far, ACT has initiated a number of programs to support the lives of Uighur Muslims, especially the Uighur diaspora and orphans.

In 2019, these programs include winter assistance, food aid, Muslim clothing distribution in Turkey, and education aid for a number of Uighur children who went to school abroad.

"ACT, as a humanitarian institution, provides support in the form of humanitarian aid. Hopefully, the aid can support the life of our Uighur brothers and sisters, and prove that our nation of Indonesia is a nation that upholds humanitarianism," explained Ahyudin. []