Supporting Ustaz Hamidi to Become a Beacon of Knowledge

For Ustaz Hamidi, being a Quran teacher in an Islamic boarding school is a duty that must be carried out sincerely and wholeheartedly. A teacher serves as a beacon of knowledge for the students to help them navigate life.

ustaz hamidi
Ustaz Hamidi receives financial assistance from Global Zakat-ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOUTHEAST ACEH – Teachers are beacons of knowledge. That is Ustaz Hamidi's belief in carrying out his job as a teacher at the Istiqamatuddin Muarif Islamic Boarding School in Kuta Buluh Village, Lawe Bulan District, Southeast Aceh Regency.

Ustaz Hamidi lives in the school. “Alhamdulillah, the school cares about us. They allow us , teachers, to live here. We feel really honored,” said Ustaz Hamidi, Thursday (8/19/2021).

Ustaz Hamidi admits that the salaries of teachers at the school are not much. The students are free of charge and the salaries of the teachers come from donors.

In addition to being a teacher, to make ends meet, Ustaz Hamidi works as a farmer and a fishpond worker. The earning from farming is uncertain because he has to share with the landowner. He earns IDR 75,000 a day from working at the fishpond.

“I share the profit with the owner of the land, 60 percent for me, 40 percent for hum. So it depends on the yield. I make additional income from the fish pond," he explained.

To ease Ustaz Hamidi's burden, Global Zakat-ACT provided financial assistance, Thursday (8/19/2021).[]