Supporting Ustaz Hasbullah’s Struggle in Teaching Children in Remote Village

Although humble, Madrasa Sulaiman Al-Rasyid means so much to the Muslim children in Portibi, a district located between North Sumatra and Riau. In this madrasa, the students are not required to pay, much to the relief of the parents who work as farm laborers and rubber tappers.

ustaz hasbulloh
Ustaz Hasbulloh teaches students at Madrasa Sulaiman Al-Rasyid. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH PADANG LAWAS– Partimbakoan Hamlet, Gunung Manaon Village, Portibi District, North Padang Lawas Regency, North Sumatra Province, is located on the banks of Berombang river. It borders Riau Province on the east side.

In the village, there is a humble madrasa named Madrasa Sulaiman Al-Rasyid. The brick walls are not plastered, and the windows have no panes, only woven wires. The building is divided into two, separated by a plywood board.

Ustaz Hasbulloh Panigoran established the madrasa in 2020 out of concern about the future of the Muslim generation in Partimbakoan. At that time, there is no Islamic education institution that the locals can access.

“Along with a friend, I established this madrasa. Even though the building is modest, this is the only place where the village children can study Islam” said Ustaz Hasbulloh when met by the ACT Labuhanbatu team, Thursday (10/14/2021).

Front side of the Sulaiman Al-Rasyid building. (ACTNews)

Students who study at the madrasa are not required to pay. They pay only if they can because most of their parents are farm laborers and rubber tappers whose income is uncertain.

Ustaz Hasbulloh himself works as a rubber tapper, earning IDR 50 to 100 thousand a week depending on how much rubber he managed to collect.

 “I am not married, and I financially support my mother. Because my income as a rubber tapper is not enough, I sometimes fish,” said Ustaz Hasbulloh.

To support Ustaz Hasbulloh's dedication, Global Zakat-ACT financial assistance with the hope that it can encourage him to continue educating Muslim children in the area. []