Supriadi Continues Selling Despite Old Age

Supriadi is no longer young. He is 54 years old with a physical condition that is no longer completely healthy. However, all of that is not an excuse for him to quit selling. Supriadi continues to work by peddling his sales.

Supriadi (white t-shirt) receives money from ACT West Pesaman. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WEST PASAMAN – Supriadi is no longer young. He is 54 years old. Even though he is old, he is still eager to earn money to make a living by trading. His business is small. However, there is not much he can do.

The second week of October, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) had the opportunity to meet with Supriadi. It was night, but he was still outside the house to peddle salak fruit which had not sold much. He peddles his sales with an old wagon. Sometimes, he passes in front of the ACT West Pasaman office on Jalan Bandarejo, Lingkuang Aua, Pasaman.

Supriadi lives alone. His physical condition was no longer completely healthy. His one eye is blind, while the other is farsighted. Amid his condition, Supriadi does not give up. He is still determined to find sustenance by trading even with limited capital.

“I prefer to sell like this. It does not sell much, but at least I don't steal or beg,” said Supriadi, who admitted that he had been selling salak fruit for 13 years.

Supriadi was forced into debt to the owner of the fruit he sold because he did not have the capital. Often, Supriadi also looks for used goods. He uses the earned money for business capital.

Seeing Supriadi's high enthusiasm in seeking halal sustenance, ACT also bought up Supriadi's merchandise through Buying UP MSME Merchandise program. Supriadi was very moved and could only say thank you.

Randy Herwinda from the ACT West Pasaman Program team said bought up Supriadi’s merchandise was a continuation of good action for MSMEs amid the pandemic. The donation came from community alms. ACT team distributed Supriadi’s merchandise to people in need.

“Buy Up the Merchandise Increase the Capital program is a tangible manifestation of our concern for MSME owners who need help. Thank you to all the benefactors who have entrusted their best alms to us. We will distribute them to the right people," said Randy.[]