Surviving through Painting

Surviving through Painting

ACTNews, PALU – The earthquakes, tsunamis and soil liquefactions that devastated Palu, Sigi and Donggala almost five months ago have left massive impacts. Thousands were killed and missing, and hundreds of thousands who survived try to survive, they try to rebuild their lives after the catastrophe.

One of the survivors was Abdurrahman (57). The man from Tawaeli Village in Palu City was saved when the tsunami swept through his home village. Abdurrahman is extremely grateful that his family was able to save themselves when the earthquakes shook.

Now, his family and he have to live in an evacuation site on a hilly area near his village. With all of his belongings destroyed, the father of three is striving to thrive.

 To make a living, Abdurrahman, who used to work as a Quranic teacher, becomes a painter. He paints on calcium silicone board using palm and banana leaves as brushes. “These boards are the spare materials from the shelter construction,” he explained to Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team who was visiting his evacuation site to distribute aid, Monday (2/11).

The man from Majene, West Sulawesi, sells his paintings for IDR 250,000 – 300,000 depending on the difficulty and size. The money he earns will be used to support his family who lives in evacuation site to this day. However, Abdurrahman was unable to market his artworks.

Therefore, not only distributing aid packages, that Monday afternoon ACT team also planned to help Abdurrahman selling his paintings. ACT Central Sulawesi Branch Manager, Nurmarjani Loulembah, stated that they will help marketing Abdurrahman’s paintings through ACT’s social media accounts. “Hopefully, through social media, many potential buyers will be interested to buy the artworks,” said Loulembah.

Additionally, she also plans to hold an auction for Abdurrahman’s paintings. The auction will be held in collaboration with several partners. Around five paintings will be sold at the auction.

Currently, while finishing the paintings that will be auctioned, Abdurrahman is teaching Quran to children around the evacuation site. The paintings will depict sceneries or shelter compounds in Palu. []



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