Sutami Arduously Runs Her Business Due to Lack of Capital

Since 2000, Sutami’s business has faced many ups and downs because she often runs out of capital. Despite many obstacles, Sutami doesn’t give up and keeps continue her business.

Sutami's business.
Sutami (right) serves her customer. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PURWOREJO – Since 2000, Sutami’s business has faced many ups and downs, starting from selling snacks in a school canteen until opening a grocery shop. However, those businesses went bankrupt due to running out of capital.

Sutami had to use her business capital to pay the tuition of her four children. Her husband couldn’t help much since he was just being laid off at that time and hasn’t got a new job until now, hence he only helps her selling now.

Starting from 2008, Sutami has been using her skills in making getuk cakes (a Javanese dish made from cassava) and various types of fritters to earn a living. Although the profit is not that much, Sutami can keep her business until now.

“Now, I am selling at the market. For me, the most important thing is to be able to return my capital and enough to meet my food needs that day. How about tomorrow? Well, I believe there will always be sustenance for me as long as I work hard,” said Sutami, Thursday (9/30/2021).

However, Sutami’s getuk cake and fritters business must stop for a while when her whole family was exposed to the Covid-19 and had to self-isolate themselves for more than a month. She ran out of her capital and savings to fulfill her family’s needs during self-isolation.

Through Waqf for MSMEs program, Global Wakaf-ACT assisted Sutami to revive and develop her business again.[]