Sutriati: Thank You Humanity Food Truck for Providing our Suhoor

The suhoor meal package from Humanity Food Truck were gratefully received by Sutriati, a vegetable seller in Ciputat, South Tangerang.

Sutriati receives the suhoor meal package from Humanity Food Truck.
Sutriati receives the suhoor meal package from Humanity Food Truck. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)

ACTNews, SOUTH TANGERANG — When everyone is still asleep, Sutriati (64) already works hard in the muddy market. She buys various kinds of vegetables for her to sell them again. At 4 a.m Western Indonesia Time, she has to go back to her house in Cirendeu, East Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten, to get ready to sell her vegetables around. She puts each of the vegetables she buys from the market on her shabby cart.

She starts peddling her vegetables at 5.30 a.m in the morning until noon. However, since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Indonesia, she admitted that she had to work longer. “Usually, I work until 1.30 p.m because if I stop at 12 p.m, I will still have a lot of leftover vegetables,” said Sutriati, Thursday (04/28/2021).

Furthermore, Sutriati said that she wouldn’t peddle around the locals’ housing above 12 p.m. “People rarely bought my vegetables since they must have cooked already at that time. I will prefer to sell my merchandise at the side of the road, since there are many passers-by. That will be good if there are one or two buyers,” she said.

She admitted that her income has decreased a lot compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the woman who was born in Kebumen, Central Java still has three children with two of them still at school and need money to fulfill their school necessities. Therefore, she has to save more of her income this past one year so that her children can continue to go to school.

“Now I no longer buy unnecessary things. Sometimes, my children ask me to buy new clothes for Eid but I still can’t afford it,” said Sutriati.

For the food needs, she also never buys food from others and chooses to cook her leftover vegetables for her family to eat for suhoor and iftar. Unlike other people who often buy various takjil (snacks) or tasty foods, Sutriati’s family prefers to eat from her own merchandise.

Thus, when Humanity Food Truck by ACT arrived and gave her the suhoor meal package, she looked so happy and grateful since she could eat delicious food again which was not from her own merchandise. Sutriati, who saw the Humanity Food Truck for the first time, hoped that the food distribution can be carried out every day. “Thank you Humanity Food Truck Aksi Cepat Tanggap, for providing my suhoor with nutritious food. I pray for your success and glory in the future,” she said.[]