Suwardi's Struggle to Survive as An Honorary Teacher

For more than a decade, Suwardi has been an honorary teacher. Every time he goes to teach, he rides a bicycle. After teaching, he opened a fried rice and noodle shop.

Suwardi is an honorary teacher in one elementary school in Bantul Regency. He teaches computer sciences. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANTUL – The class atmosphere and the students’ smiles took away all of Suwardi's (51) tiredness when he arrived at school. Every day, he travels about 20 kilometers by bicycle from Trimurti Village to school in Ngentak Village, Bantul. 

Suwardi has been a teacher for more than a decade. During that time, Suwardi always pedaled his bicycle to school.

"Why ride a bike? Besides being healthy, riding a bicycle can save me IDR 300 thousand per month," said Suwardi, who teaches Information Technology and Computers, Tuesday (10/12/2021).

Suwardi continued, as an honorary teacher at an elementary school, the salary he received is IDR 550 thousand per month. Sometimes, Suwardi thinks about quitting being a teacher and looking for another job with a higher salary. However, in the end, he continues to be a teacher and considers his work as a charity that opens the door of fortune.

Suwardi also does a side job. Every morning before going to teach, Suwardi makes skewered meatballs, dumplings, and crispy tofu. Suwardi sells goods on consignment. In addition, after returning home from teaching, Suwardi opened a fried rice and noodle shop. 

“The profits are uncertain. If my sales sold out, Alhamdulillah, I will earn up to IDR I50,000 a day. If my sales do not sell well, I can earn IDR 50,000. My income is small but I believe Allah does not only provide sustenance in the form of money,” said Suwardi when ACT Bantul team met to provide living expenses, Tuesday (10/12/2021).[]