Syamsudin's Arduous Journey through Cikaso River's Strong Current for His Students

Besides teaching, Ustaz Syamsudin also has to pick up and take the students home because the students must pass through the strong current of Cikaso river.

Ustaz Syamsudin
Ustaz Syamsudin (right) and ACT Sukabumi Regency Team cross the river that he passes every day. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SUKABUMI REGENCY – Ciloma Hamlet, Cibitung Village, Cibitung District, Sukabumi Regency is located at the southern of Sukabumi. To reach this place, people must pass through the strong current of Cikaso river. During the rainy season, the water overflows, and the current becomes too dangerous.

This condition is experienced by students and a teacher of Al-Ansor Islamic Boarding School, Ustaz Syamsudin, almost every day. Many of the students who learn the Quran under Ustaz Syamsudin come from villages across the river. Hence, Ustaz Syamsudin has to pick up and take the students home using his small motorboat.

“In the dry season, there are no significant obstacles. However, during the rainy season, you need courage. You have to pay close attention to the speed of the boat, and you have to be careful because the river current is very strong and the water overflows. It becomes even more difficult due to the heavy rain," said Syamsudin, Sunday (7/11/2021).

Although the current of the river is very dangerous, it does not dampen the enthusiasm of the students and Ustaz Syamsudin to learn and teach. For Ustaz Syamsudin, picking up students who are eager to learn is also part of his responsibilities as a teacher.

“There is a land road, but it is far, and the terrain is also quite heavy. We must go up and down the hills. Crossing the river is the right choice, even though the risk is great. The students' safety is also my responsibility as their Quran teacher. I pick them up every day," he said.

For Ustaz Syamsudin, his struggle is purely to make the children around him become knowledgeable and have noble character. Even though it is hard, it will pay off if his students reach their dream.

Ustaz Syamsudin receives a food package and financial assistance for Muslim preachers. (ACTNews)

Dani Firdaus from the Program Team of ACT Sukabumi Regency says apart from teaching children, Ustaz Syamsudin also teaches adults the Quran in Cibitung Village. He is a pioneer of da'wah in his village. His da’wah has been carried out for ten years.

“He teaches for free. He is sincere because his only motivation is to practice his knowledge and worship Allah. Also, his students can become the successors of his da'wah struggle. We should follow his spirit,” said Dani.

Seeing Ustaz Syamsudin's persistence, ACT distributed financial assistance and food packages from benefactors. Through Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program, ACT wants to support the struggle of preachers in remote areas. []