Syamsuri Decided to Become a Farmer After Unsuccessful in the Capital City

After completing junior high school, Syamsuri went to the capital city seeking his fortune. However, he returned to his hometown after failing to make a living and started farming.

Syamsuri supports his wife and child from farming. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PONOROGO – Syamsuri (42) was born into a farming family. He has spent his time as a kid helping his parents manage the fields. After graduating from junior high school, he tried to leave Ponorogo to try his fortune in the capital city. He worked as an AC repairman in Jakarta.

But, living in Jakarta was never easy. He failed in making a living in Jakarta.  He decided to return to his hometown, in Semanding Village, Kauman District, Ponorogo. He started to cultivate his parents’ rice field with an area of about 1900 square meters. From farming, he can support his wife and child who are still in 5th grade of elementary school.

Syamsuri’s wife opened a small stall at home to increase the family economy. “We do anything to meet our family's needs, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic,” said Syamsuri.

Helping Syamsuri Rice Fields

Knowing about Syamsuri’ story, Global Wakaf-ACT distributed assistance from Productive Agricultural Waqf. Dipo Hadi Waskita from the Global Wakaf-ACT East Java team explained that the Productive Agricultural Waqf assistance program was an effort to build hope for the farmers.

“Syamsuri is one of the food producers.  we need to help him so that they can be more active in maximizing the management of their rice fields. This also prevents interest-based loans that are often preferred by farmers. Insha Allah,  we will assist them,” said Dipo.

Productive Agricultural Waqf is part of the National Food Alms Movement. It aims to establish the country's food sovereignty and empower farmers as food producers. Productive Agricultural Waqf will take a turn for those who in need.[]