Synergy in Helping Garut Flood Victims

ACT Garut continues to assist the flashflood victims in three district in Garut Regency.

Head of BPBD Garut Regency Firman Karyadin (left), Deputy Regent of Garut Helmi Budiman (second from left), and ACT Garut Branch Manager Mochamad Dani Ramdani (right) during the distribution of the food aid in Sagara Village, Cibalong District, Tuesday (10/13) afternoon. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT REGENCY - Hundreds of food aid packages were handed over by the Aksi Cepat Tanggap Garut to the government of Garut Regency on Tuesday (10/13) afternoon. The handover of aid packges for the flood victims was carried out in Sagara Village, Cibalong District. Also present during the aid distribution were Head of BPBD Garut Regency Firman Karyadin, and Deputy Regent of Garut Helmi Budiman.

ACT Garut Branch Manager Mochamad Dani Ramdani reported that the Deputy Regent and Head of BPBD Garut appreciated ACT's performance in assisting the victims of the Garut flashflood. ACT Garut continues to assess the needs of the victims and distribute food aid to other affected areas. "This morning, we are preparing for the distribution of aid packages for other areas in the south,” said Dani, Wednesday (10/14).

The floods hit Garut Regency on Monday (10/12) at 04.00 a.m. due to the overflow of Cipalebuh and Cikaso Rivers in Pameungpeuk District, Cibera and Cibaluk Rivers in Cibalong District, and the Cipasarangan River in Cikelet District. The average water level reached 1.5 meters.

Currently, the flood victims are in an urgent need for drinking water, clean water, cleaning equipment, sleeping utensils such as mats and blankets, and public kitchen.

"We have been coordinating with ACT's Disaster Emergency Response team to provide the best assistance. We also implore to our generous benefactors to continue supporting us,” said Dani. []