Syrian IDPs Burn Trash to Warm Themselves

Due to the shortage of firewood, Syrian IDPs have to find other ways to warm themselves in winter. They are forced to use garbage as fuel.

Syrian teenagers
Syrian teenagers look for trash to use as fuel. (Anadolu Agency Doc.)

ACTNews, SYRIA – Millions of Syrian IDPs have been affected by the cold. Some residents who have enough money can buy fuel to start a fire. Meanwhile, fuel is prohibitively expensive and difficult to obtain for IDPs. As a result, firewood is always the best option for keeping warm.

This year, however, many IDPs are having difficulty obtaining firewood. Outwitting this, the IDPs took the initiative to use trash as fuel to keep warm.

Many children and teenagers help their parents by picking up trash. They will go around the evacuation zone looking for flammable garbage.

Ali, an IDP in the Al-Zawiyah area, stated that he and other IDPs used to go trash picking in the afternoon.

"We collect plastic and cardboard. We sell some to collectors to help our families, and some we keep to burn and keep warm, "Ali stated.

Temperatures in Syria during the winter can range from 16 to 0 degrees Celsius. Cold weather and strong winds make it even more difficult for IDPs.[]