Syrian IDPs’ Tents Become Worse After Flood in Idlib

Thousands of IDP families have been left homeless after their tents were destroyed in the floods that hit Idlib, Syria, some time ago.

damaged refugee camps
Floods in Idlib damaged refugee camps. (Doc. IYD)

ACTNews, IDLIB – Heavy rains that struck northwestern Idlib province for days have flooded thousands of tents in the displacement camps, as those trying to survive to continue to face worsening humanitarian conditions. Thousands of families that were affected by the rains are now hoping for a helping hand after their only homes were destroyed.

Mohammad Hallaj, director of Syria's Response Coordination Group, Said that more than 500 tents have become so damaged that they cannot be used anymore, Hallaj added that at least 3,742 families have been affected, while the tents of 2,145 have been flooded.

Fatima Jassem, who fled the Bashar Assad regime and is currently living in Idlib’s Zifir Camp, stressed that everyone in this camp is in desperate need of help.

“In the nights we cannot stay in our tents. Our tents take in water. My husband is old, he cannot move in the cold. Hunger from one side, the rains on the other ... no one except for Allah knows our conditions,” Jassem said.

“We need all kinds of help. We burn the leftover plastic bags with which I gather food,” she added, saying that especially food, clothing, and firewood are needed.

Another resident from the same camp, Ahmed Mohammed, said similarly that the living conditions are dire and that the people cannot sleep on rainy nights. Mohammed underlined that the infrastructure problem has to be solved as soon as possible.

“We have no tarps to protect our tents from the rain. We want to escape this suffering. My only wish is to return home. I want to be able to provide my children with necessities and earn money to buy bread for them.”[]