Syrian Refugees' Hope for a Better Life in Jordan

For seven years, many Syrian refugees have fled to Jordan to rebuild their lives. They now live side by side with the local Jordanians, working together for a better livelihood.

ACTNews, AMMAN - Since the conflict erupted in Syria, Jordan has become one of the destinations for thousands and even millions of refugees who have fled from missiles and rockets. Northern Jordan is directly adjacent to Syria. The border that extends for thousands of kilometers were opened to Syrian refugees who seek safety.

Now it has been seven years that the Jordanian citizens and the Syrian refugees live side by side. Both people have been working together for a better life. However, not all refugees have the opportunity to get a job. Even in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, whose economy is starting to stabilize, there are many Syrian refugees who have almost no future.

According to the stories told by Global Qurban partners in Jordan, Syrian refugees who came and settled in Jordan had a lot of hope to be safe from prolonged conflicts and crises, and to find a better life. Among the refugees was Jumana Alabdaly (30), a Syrian refugee who fled to Amman District, Amman Governorate, Jordan.

Jumana mentioned that she came to Jordan with her three children. Her husband died in Syria. Living as a refugee who must finance her children, Jumana has to work as a shop assistant. The wage that Jumana earns is not enough to fulfill her daily needs.

"One of my children suffers from malnutrition, and desperately needs a lot of care and assistance to be healed. Living in Jordan, I hope that we will have a better life even though it's not easy, "Jumana said last Eid al-Adha.

Not only Jumana, another Syrian refugee also told a similar story. Raghad Al Homsi (33) also evacuated to Amman District. Raghad’s husband has a mobility impairment. Unable to walk, his husband can’t work to provide for his four children.

"Now we live in a house that belongs to my husband's family, which already has a large number of family members. We hope here in Jordan we can get assistance, both food, clothing and health services," said Raghad.