Taiz Residents Yearn for Clean Water

The Yemeni city of Taiz is ravaged by longest-running battles of the country’s civil war. Endless siege hampered the activities of the locals. Clean water is among the basic needs that they expect every day.

One of the children in Taiz carrying his jerry cans after taking water. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TAIZ - People ran around carrying their jerry cans, then queuing under a large white water reservoir tank on the side of the road. Children, adults, and the elderly were patiently waiting for the water to flow into their jerry cans. They were very happy for the clean water distributed by Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) supported by Kitabisa.com.

Tanks of water were distributed at several points in the Sala region, Taiz City, Thursday (3/12). These points were Aqabah, Bazraa, Al Tawheed, and Al Jahmilya. A total of 10 water tanks were provided for 7,000 residents in the Sala region.

"The beneficiaries were the displaced that have been forced to flee their own hometowns to the Sala region, an area that is severely affected by the prolonged conflict," said Andi Noor Faradiba from Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT on Saturday (4/4).

According to BBC, The Yemeni city of Taiz is ravaged by the longest-running battles of the country’s civil war. The constantly besieged city is divided between the rebels and forces loyal to the government. A wall divides the two sides of the city, and, according to a local resident, they don’t get out of their houses except for urgent matters lest they are shot by snipers.

The jerry cans that the locals used to take the water. (ACTNews)

The long-running battles have left many buildings in ruins, including public facilities. The endless siege has also hampered the activities of the locals. Clean water is a basic need that is always expected by the locals every day.

"We live without clean water, and we are under siege. Everything is destroyed. Thank you, ACT, may God bless you," said one elderly who received clean water.

The same prayer was said by an elderly woman who received clean water from ACT. She hoped that ACT will not forget them with their current conditions. "May God bless ACT, and provide it with what is needed. Please do not forget us. We hope that ACT can continue to provide clean water for us," said the grandmother.

Faradiba also hoped that this assistance can ease the burden of those who won’t have access to clean water for the next 3 months. "And, hopefully, not only for the next 3 months. Hopefully, with the help of generous benefactors, we can fulfill their needs until their life returns to normal," Faradiba hoped. []