Take a Look at How Free Medicine Delivered to Patients' House

Covid-19 Medical Careline Services has delivered thousands of free medicines to patients in Jabodetabek. The service synergizes with Humanity Bikers to deliver the medicines.

Covid-19 MCS.
A member of Humanity Bikers delivers free medicine to a Covid-19 MCS caller. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Covid-19 Medical Careline Services (MCS) was launched on Tuesday (7/6/2021). The telemedicine service provides medical services such as consultation, ambulance, home visits, and free medicines to the Covid-19 patients or patients with other illnesses.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) initiated this program to help patients who face difficulty accessing medical treatments amid the pandemic escalation and public activity restriction, especially the impoverished people who can’t afford to buy medicines.

The Covid-19 MCS service also synergizes with ACT’s Humanity Bikers to directly deliver the medicines and vitamins to the patient’s house. Coordinator of Humanity Bikers, M. Saipul explains that after the caller consulted ACT’s doctor, the doctor will prescribe the medicines needed.

“When the medicines are prepared and we already have the patient’s address, we will call Humanity Bikers to come to our office in Menara 165, South Jakarta. At the office, we will brief the driver about the patient who will receive the medicines,” said M. Saipul, the Coordinator of Humanity Bikers, Wednesday (7/14/2021).

According to Saipul, each day, a courier can usually visit 4 to 5 houses to deliver the medicines. However, the number of visited houses may increase since the amount of Covid-19 MCS callers continues to increase.

A courier from Humanity Bikers, Joko Sutrisno (24) said that nearly all of the houses he visited were houses of Covid-19 patients who were self-isolating. “Usually, the one who got out of the house and took the medicine from me was a family member who hasn't been exposed to the virus. I always keep a distance when delivering the medicine and regularly have my hands sanitized to prevent the virus exposure,” said Joko.[]