Tarmizi: Cheap Food Operation Fulfills My Family’s Food Needs

Cheap Food Operation (OPM) has delighted Tarmizi, a snack peddler in Langsa because he didn't need to reduce his family’s meals although his merchandise didn’t sell well.

Cheap Food Operation.
Tarmizi buys a food package from Cheap Food Operation in Langsa. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LANGSA – The sun on Saturday (11/13/2021) was very bright. However, Tarmizi continues to peddle his snacks around the town of Langsa. His face got red and his clothes were wet by sweat. Once in a while, his hand wiped the sweat on his face as well.

Tarmizi had to experience such conditions regularly. During the rainy season, Tarmizi often has to shade himself in front of the stores on the roadside. Usually, he peddles fried beans and crackers from morning to evening on foot. 

Tarmizi often faces unfortunate situations such as on that Saturday (11/13/2021) afternoon when his merchandise was still intact. That day, he only had IDR 20 thousand in his pocket.

“I have two children and a wife who have to be supported. If my merchandise cannot sell well, I have no choice but to reduce our meals,” said Tarmizi during his rest at Darul Falah Great Mosque, Langsa City.

Tarmizi regularly performs Duhr prayer in Darul Falah Great Mosque. That day, there was Cheap Food Operation carried out at the mosque (OPM).

 “Can I buy it for IDR 20 thousand?” asked Tarmizi to an ACT volunteer. After telling his condition, Tarmizi can bring the food package home at an affordable price. “Alhamdulillah, thank you ACT. My wife and children don’t need to get their meals reduced although my merchandise doesn’t sell well,” said Tarmizi.

Cheap Food Operation is a solution for impoverished people to be able to fulfill their food needs. Through the program, people can pay half of the normal price and get 5 kilograms of rice, 1 kilogram of sugar and eggs, 1 liter of cooking oil, and 250 grams of salt.

Tarmizi and his merchandise. (ACTNews)

Rizal Fahmi from ACT Langsa team said that the program that was supported by Bulog, Lia Supermarket, and Minyak Jelantah Aceh has delighted hundreds of beneficiaries including rickshaw drivers, small traders, preachers, the mosque caretaker, muadzin, converts, people with disabilities, and impoverished people.

Branch Manager of ACT Langsa, Ryanda Saputra hopes for the activity to continue to provide cheap food so that more people can enjoy the benefits of Cheap Food Operation.

“The best human are those who are useful for others. Our care to others can be the indicator of our faith in Allah,” Ryanda explained.[]