Tasikmalaya Community Supports for Palestine through KKIPP

The KKIPP Declaration was held in Tasikmalaya on Friday (5/28/2021). The hope is that the presence of KKIPP can become a collective forum for the people of Tasikmalaya to fight for Palestine.

KKIPP Declaration
Various elements of society attend the KKIPP Declaration. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Palestine is entering a recovery period, but that does not mean that they are completely free from all the difficulties. Various support for Palestine continues to flow, one of which is from many elements of society who are members of the declaration of The International Humanitarian Committee for Palestine Liberation (KKIPP) Tasikmalaya.

The KKIPP declaration was attended by various elements of society, from the community, religious leaders, mosque youth associations, mosque prosperity councils, and other communities. One of the support was conveyed by Ustaz Hilmi as the leader of Al Mumtaz and the reader in the KKIPP Declaration on Friday (5/28/2021).

Alhamdulillah, today the KKIPP has been declared in Tasikmalaya. We, from Aliansi Aktivis dan Masyarakat Muslim Tasikmalaya, who are members of various mass organizations, NGOs, communities, and others, Insha Allah, really support the presence of this KKIPP. Hopefully, all of our efforts will always get the pleasure of Allah SWT," he said while excitedly chanting Takbeer.

Fauzi Rizki Pratama, one of the KKIPP initiators in Tasikmalaya, hopes that the presence of KKIPP can be a collective forum for the Tasikmalaya community, especially after the last Israeli attack in Palestine caused by hundreds of people dead.

"After being attacked by Israel on a massive scale, Palestine is currently in the recovery stage. Therefore, we must continue to support them. KKIPP is expected to be a forum to mobilize all elements of society,” said Fauzi []